Salazar Flagg

Tiefling Warlock with a Fiend Patron and Pact of the Blade




Begat from a Demon Lord mother and a mortal consort, Salazar was given to her worshippers to raise. He was treated like a messiah as he grew up and his mother often visited him in his dreams. Once grown, he was sent out into the world to fulfill his destiny, working his mother’s will in the mortal world in exchange for more and more knowledge of the power that is his birthright.

As a result of his upbringing, Salazar comes off as more than a little arrogant. He believes he has a grand destiny before him and is therefore worthy of respect and admiration from those around him. And with his mother’s power and guidance blazing his trail, he feels all but invincible.

He also has an highly irreverent view of other religions, particularly evil faiths not devoted to his mother. His mother is among the greatest powers in the Hells. The evil that other cults worship is small time in comparison. He’s hardly concerned with good aligned religions so long as they don’t try to get in the way of his destiny.

All this said, Flagg does not usually go out of his way to work evil in the world unless it is at his mother’s request. Cruelty, spite and especially arrogance come easily to him, but really he serves himself primarily and acts according to his whims. Curiosity and a want of interesting sights or just plain fun come to him just as easily. This can at times make him a bit unpredictable or, at the worst of times, volatile.

Salazar Flagg

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