Exiled Princess


An aura of sorrow hangs around this beautiful elf like a mantle of mist that dims the light in eyes the color of twilight, even when she smiles. Her hair is almost too red to be natural, made to look even brighter by the pallor of her skin; when left down, it falls to her waist in a glossy wave, but while she’s adventuring, she generally keeps it up in a messy twist. Whether adventuring or performing, she always wears a delicate shell necklace on a golden chain that sits just at the hollow of her throat. She carries herself with an aristocratic grace, but there’s an odd carefulness to her gait, each step placed lightly on the ground as though she were on the verge of floating away.


A mysterious traveler from a faraway land with an ephemeral voice laden with the sorrow of a life, and a love lost.


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